Tupperware love

Be nice to your neighbors and your neighbors will give you tiramisu.

For those of you who don’t know Tiramisu is a layered italian desert covered in coco and containing a shot of espresso designed to work as a ‘pick me up’ at the end of your 4 (+/-) course meal. Traditional and delicious.

There is something special about being in a country where every meal has a region and every town a specialty. Italians have a ingrained passion for food, allow time to eat and hold a big love for the food that we, Australians, are scared of. Being Australian I find we are sometimes a little confused about our homestyle cuisine. Australasian or fusion unfortunately doesn’t translate so well to the average Italian even with the language barriers aside. So when asked what food we eat in Australia I tend to answer Kangaroo (If you haven’t yet tasted our national symbol don’t feel bad as neither have I).
Pasta, pizza and fashion is what comes to mind when we think Italy. And as so many other tourists visiting or living in Italy I too have left behind my uptight eating habits, and with no shame have found a new love for carbohydrates, gelato and shoes… and maybe a slight addiction to Nutella.
So you can only imagine the excitement when my housemate told me our landlords had brought us homemade tiramisu (I can’t even remember the last time I received or filled a tupperware container with lamingtons). Photos were taken, my status was updated and I over used the word nice. That is what a little bit of love in a container can do, Italian food from Italians, my favorite. So full, so happy.


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