Pasta Sunday.

Wine, cameras and a 90s playlist had everyone in Nonna mode. On entrance a dish of salad was dropped and strewn across the kitchen, at some point a glass of red wine was thrown onto the wall and by the end of the day we could all be found sitting on the hallway floor covered in flour and eating ravioli from baking trays.
I walked away from Sunday with a new found appreciation for ravioli. Pumpkin ravioli, potato ravioli and spinach and ricotta ravioli to be exact. 15 of your closest friends and 2 pasta machines will do that to you. We forgot the sage, dropped food on the floor and finished all the wine before dinner was served but it didn’t matter, it was Sunday. The joy of eating something that you have prepared with a group of friends certainly increases the delicious factor and is a perfect chance to reflect on the week.

I highly suggest that you find a group of friends to cook with this Sunday. Gossip whilst rolling out some dough, eat dessert before the main and [do not] try to open a bottle of wine that is apparently meant for the cheese. Really, what is a better way to end a rainy weekend.


3 thoughts on “Pasta Sunday.

  1. I would totally do this…. but every one of our friends are on diets and health kicks these days… i need you home to drink wine and eat copious amount of food with. Dad thinks so too! 🙂 xx.

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