Bergamasco Casoncelli
Bergamasco Casoncelli

San Mauro Osteria in Bruntino, Bergamo – very local, very italian and good food.

We began with antipasti: meats, pickled vegetables, cheese and.. well, fine slices of lard.
Lardo, an Italian delicacy made from the thick layer of fat beneath the skin of the pig. I have only seen it in winter and I am positive I have eaten it before without knowing what it is. Lardo is white, very finely sliced and lovely with bread. Of course it was originally known as the poor-man food, but naturally the price has been upped and it is now considered an Italian delicacy.
I enjoyed eating my pieces of lardo, looking at the snowy view outside and thinking my bikini need only be found in the distant future (this moment was briefly followed by panic, distant future = next week) and so I continued to eat.
Feeling light we continued our meal with a primi piatti of casoncelli (or casonsei), the pasta of Bergamo, ravioli filled with sausage meat served in a butter and sage sauce with crispy pancetta and topped generously with parmesan cheese – So delicious! We then made the wise choice of skipping the secondi moving straight to dolce, a generous serving of tiramisu. Happy and full we waved goodbye and gracefully rolled out the door.

Lunching in Bruntino satisfies again.


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