Slice of Pizza.

Sitting inside watching it snow outside makes me so happy. Add a slice of pizza and I could get pretty close to tears of joy.

It snowed, then rained, then snowed and finally it was lunch time. Tresoldi was calling; a fantastic bakery located in the high town of Bergamo. Bread with fig, apricot or apple, an array of pastries, a display of bright bags of pasta and finally, that impressive display of pizza.
I felt my boyfriend staring as I slowly eyed the selection then proceeded to place my order “little bigger… little bigger”, the signora cut my giant piece and warmed it up in the oven. Mouth-watering slices of pizza, cut into bite sized pieces and served on a paper plate with a fork. This has to be one of the perfect types of take away to eat roaming the italian streets or perched on a step, people watching as you lean forward to avoid the disastrous – red landing on white.

Of the number of slices you can try in Bergamo, Tresoldi is a favorite. I love the prosciutto and olive pizza and the tomato, bocconcini and basil focaccia. It is the perfect place to stop off for a quick and cheap lunch and also one of those shops where you tend to leave with a piece of something else for later.

This experience would not be complete without a stop off at Marianna for a scoop of yogurt and raspberry gelato. Take a walk to lap up the amazing view and you have almost burned all those calories off… or you can just pretend your italian and go get a glass of wine!

Take away slice of pizza, a little slice of happiness.


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