Aperitivo, a fantastic Italian concept. A glass of wine, beer or cocktail accompanied with food, designed to warm up your stomach before a meal.
You will find aperitivo in most bars in Italy between the hours of 6pm – 8:30/9pm. To blend in order a glass of Prosecco or an Americano.

Aperitivo can range from a bowl or peanuts to a buffet of various nibbles. For the Italians, an aperitivo is simply to accompany an alcoholic beverage used to tie them over until dinner. But for me and my student counterparts we have mastered the art of savoring our one glass of wine and letting aperitivo serve as our entree and main meal which only sometimes leaves the waitress rolling her eyes as we go back for another plate of “pre-dinner” snacks.
I’m sure there is a translation for tight-ass.

Aperitivo is easily enjoyed by yourself (having a plate of cheese to stare into that makes it slightly easier to blend in with the crowd- no this isn’t all for me, I’m obviously waiting for a friend), or with a bunch of friends as a relaxed meeting place after a day at work or university. A very social way to end the day and relax you before your next engagement. Everyone loves aperitivo.

I’m not sure I believe that aperitivo could work in Australia. Free food on the bar whilst drinking? No. Bar owners do not even try, we would inhale that beautiful display before you have a chance to pour our glass of wine. Maybe we just need to take some time to get used to the very alien, ‘free food’ concept,  we are currently stuck in the ‘eat it now or someone else will’ mind frame. I still put this down to the tomato sauce debacle. A lot of us are still hurting from the day the corner shop put a price tag on the sauce sachets’, literally devastating for our meat pie consumers… So instead our alternative lies in happy hour, something we are happy to keep.



5 thoughts on “Aperitivo.

  1. I just want to put my hand through the monitor and taste some of those delicious cured meats!! You make everything look and sound so appealing Jess.

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