Moules-frites: or in english – steaming hot mussels and french fries, a delicious Belgian combination enjoyed with one of the many beers on offer.

We went to Belgium during lent. That was an error. I am in no way religious but I do lent because I enjoy the challenge that it brings. This year I have decided to spend 6 long weeks without any sweets, chocolate or alcohol… ouch.
Entering our B and B whilst opening a piece of cote d’or I knew that it was going to be a tough weekend for my will power. I didn’t want to feel guilty so I thought it would be best if I just put lent on pause. After all I was on holiday!

A day spent rummaging the many chocolate shops and eating waffles down the bustling streets of brussels it was time for a beer and map reference before trooping to a restaurant on the other side of the city. I was on a mission and that mission was moules-frites. I had been sent to Brussels with 18 different suggestions from friends and tutors from uni but instead decided to listen to the lovely Laurent who was running our B&B.
He suggested a restaurant called ‘Le Zinneke’. A member of slow food that proudly boasts a menu of 69 different types of mussels. Overwhelmed with the choices we let our waitress choose for us. We asked for something simple and something popular. Giant pots of mussels arrived to the table in beautiful sauces followed by plates of french fries, a dish of mayonnaise and a creamy sauce flavoured with herbs. One pot of mussels sat in a base of onion and white wine, the other in a tomato and creamy sauce with a bit of spice. We ate the whole lot and were barely able to fit in a beer.
Craving satisfied!

‘Le Zinneke’ is highly recommended if you want to eat where the flemish do! Sit inside this bustling restaurant and enjoy steaming bowls of moules-frites in any style you want. – I suggest sticking simple and going for a white wine base, yummy!

(Little tip – take a French dictionary as the menu is not in english).


We stayed at:


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