The South.

Sweaty, hungry and sick of the bus we were ready to kick off our shoes and make our way to the beach.. or lunch. Calabria, was showing off its food and we were appreciating every bit of it, spending time to eat our way around Rossano and the many surrounding towns. We were traveling between a mix of mountains and sea, a beautiful scenery that made you want to put on a bikini and dive in. Mmm bikini, some words from my housemate kept repeating in my head, ‘The further south you go the more food you eat’. Oh so very, very true.

We arrived in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. The bus stopped randomly on the side of a road and we jumped off wanting to stretch our legs, it was hot. Our noses took lead and we entered a small work space, it was filled only with a table covered with pizzas waiting to enter a traditional hot oven. Without introduction the women started throwing the prepared food into the overheated oven, piping hot steam filled the room followed by a mouth-watering scent of melting cheese on dough. They worked at speed only pausing to allow us to help. Not wanting to get in the way we found a a safer places against the wall, a safer place than those working amongst the hands and pizzas flying around the room.
Outside, they came to us with hot trays of freshly cooked pizza and focaccia. They passed the trays around our group of 10, hungry girls barely stopping to take a breath. Tangy olives, melted cheese and sweet tomato atop a crispy yet doughy base, absolute heaven.

With smiles on our faces and full bellies we stepped inside their restaurant next door and they sat us down for a lunch of never-ending dishes…

… The further south you go, the more food you eat.



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