Eat! This farinata..

We stood watching as the dough was kneaded and finally stretched over a shallow pan. The cook explained that he was making farinata, a focaccia look alike that is made with a base of chickpeas and thin like a pancake. This typical Ligurian dish has a soft texture and is a delicious part of the beach-side street food culture.
We watched as 
the cook generously added chunks of stracchino (an italian soft cheese) to cover the base. He then stretched over a second layer of dough and to finish heaped a large amount of freshly cleaned anchovies over the top before sliding it into the oven.
It literally melted in my mouth. It was creamy, salty and so not worth sharing. So, we ordered two.

Find and Eat: Farinata con le acciughe
Genova, Italy




2 thoughts on “Eat! This farinata..

  1. Look forward to reading your blogs Jess. You paint a realistic and delicious picture of your food experiences. Well done.

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