About Me


Living in Italy has certainly been the perfect place to enhance my passion for food. Taking photos, attempting to cook and always eating. Food.
After finishing my studies in Australia the obvious next step was travel. Beginning my adventure in Ravenna, I then moved to Bergamo and am now living in the small town of Bra in the region of Piemonte studying a masters in Food Culture at the University of Gastronomic Sciences. My one year in Italy has been dedicated to many delicious meals and cultural experiences. This blog is designed to make you hungry! Read, enjoy and begin to crave those yummy carbs!


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Go Jess! Can’t wait to be tantalized by all your postings – you write so well. I will enjoy following your adventures in the kitchens and restaurants of Italy. Have fun! Lots of love Mopsy xo

  2. Just loving both your stunning photographs and words, Jess, so it will enthralling to read more of your blog as you add more luscious tid bits on your journey around Piedmonte. So pleased that Piedmonte has capatured your heart as it is such a wonderful food region. But please don’t make me too hungry…way too cruel! Enjoy your year! Jane xox

  3. Well done Jess! This is going to be the start of your new career! I am thinking of you back home here in Torquay – while you will be in all of the wonderful restaurants in Italy with all that gorgeous food! I look forward to reading your blog and all your new adventures with food. Corinne xo

  4. Jess darling i’m so excited to read this!! If anyone can inspire people with words and food its you! Can’t wait to see all these brilliant pictures and don’t worry, I will be on my way over to share it with you soon enough!! Miss you loads! xx

  5. Yay this blog is so exciting!! I will definitely be following your food adventures. Look forward to catching up with you soon xo

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